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Sekonder Sıyırıcı Speed Scrape

Sekonder Sıyırıcı Speed Scrape

Sekonder Sıyırıcı Speed Scrape

The new secondary scraper with innovative functions and up to 1.5 times improved scraping behavior.


The secondary scraper is characterized by innovative construction that is based on scraping blades that are diagonally arranged and supported by swinging arms. The special arrangement and suspension of the blades allows a 1.5 times improved scraping behavior.

Low-vibration force transmission based on rubber torsion elements

The blades-swinging arm system allows adaptation of the blades pressure to the specific conveying situation. In every situation the blades are pressed to the belt with optimum pressure. Due to the small surface pressure, the wear and tear of the belt and scraper are reduced. That also allows the use in High Speed Belting plants with up to 10 m/sec. The scraping blades are manufactured with a special alloy and sharpen themselves continuously by means of the contact to the belt.

Suitable for reversing operation

The construction based on swinging arms allows the continuous adaptation to the belt conditions during operation and is thus suitable for use at high belt speeds. In reverting mode, the complete scraper swings to a lower position and thus avoids possible belt damages.

  • Up to 1.5-times larger scraping surface than the belt width
  • Better flow of scraped material
  • Swinging arm supported blade system
  • Optimized pressure on the belt
  • Low forces on the belt
  • Siding functions when belt is damaged
  • ideal for very fast running belt plants like High Speed Belting – up to 10 m/sec.
  • high-alloyed and self-sharpening scraping blades
  • more efficient than usual secondary scrapers
  • available in different qualities (anti-static)
  • reversible
  • Complete scraper swings into a lower position
  • Long-lasting and low-maintenance
  • Easy assembly
  • Cost-efficient
  • Improving work safety and health protection

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